Other Pioneer Properties

Pioneer Holdings (Africa) Ltd has prime properties located in other areas including Lukenya, Diani, Mombasa and Malindi. The company has plans to develop these prime properties into offices, shops, residential houses and tourism facilities in due course.

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Pollock Court

This property, known as Pollock Court in our portfolio, is a prime commercial site located in Westlands, Nairobi. Commercial development is envisaged that will include a shopping mall, offices and/or a hotel. The property sits on an area of 1.276 acres.

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Pioneer Tom Mboya Street

Pioneer Tom Mboya Street is located in the busy downtown area of Nairobi. Facing it is the majestic Nairobi Fire Station. It is a commercial development comprising of three floors. The ground floor has shops whereas the upper three floors have office spaces. The property contains spacious small, medium and large size shops and offices beginning at approximately 100 sq. ft. and above.

Pioneer Koinange Street

Pioneer Koinange Street is located in the Nairobi Central District along the junction of Koinange Street/Standard Street. Pioneer Koinange Street comprises of two floors. The property contains spacious small and medium-size shops and offices beginning at approximately 150 sq. ft. To 300 sq. ft. Large office spaces above 1,000 sq. ft. also exist.

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Pioneer Oginga Odinga Street

Pioneer Oginga Odinga Street is located in the upmarket region of Kisumu City along Oginga Odinga Street. The property is always buzzing with people as it is surrounded by banks, hotels, restaurants, colleges, health facilities and shopping malls, making it a perfect spot to operate one’s business from. The magnificent Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world is just a stone throw away from the property. Pioneer Oginga Odinga Street property comprises of four floors of office and retail space, housing, educational institutes, various specialized shops and a large scale pharmaceutical distributor. Rental space for an outlet begins at approximately 100 sq.ft. and up.

Pioneer Kenyatta Avenue

Pioneer Kenyatta Avenue is a prominent building retaining its unique art décor façade located in the heart of Nairobi Central District along Kenyatta Avenue/Banda Street. The building has a modern state-of-the-art arcade. It comprises of six floors of shops and office space. The property contains spacious small, medium and large size shops and offices beginning at approximately 100 sq. ft. and above.

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Village Plaza

Pioneer Village Plaza apartments offer a unique lifestyle in a vibrant community located in the heart of the prime location of Ngara along Ngara Road. It is a lofty focal point located less than 200 meters from Murang’a Road highway and only 2 to 3 minutes from both the Nairobi Central Business district and Westlands CBD; with close proximity to luxury hotels, shopping malls, recreational facilities and fresh produce markets.

Pioneer Moi Avenue

Pioneer Moi Avenue is located in the Nairobi Central District along Moi Avenue. At Pioneer House you are guaranteed as you work in the comfort of your office; a magnificent view of the sprawling East Africa Railways Headquarters; the 7th August Memorial Park and the imposing ‘Bellbottom House’ Co-operative Bank all at once. This development comprises of seven floors of office space housing some of the biggest business in Kenya including a reputable supermarket and a leading Insurance company in Kenya. The property contains spacious medium size shops and offices beginning at approximately 500 sq. ft. and above. Our Group head offices are also located in this building.

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Pioneer Kimathi Street

Pioneer Kimathi Street is located on Kimathi Street near to the Nation House and the New Stanley Hotel. It is a commercial building with offices and shops that vary from 250 – 2000 sq. feet. Each floor has a modern style kitchen/utility room.

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